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Become a member

Below you will find six PDF forms that together make up our membership pack. To become a member you need to fill in the membership application form, NDA and code of conduct. You can download the forms to your computer and then fill in your information by clicking on the

"fill & sign" tab in the top right corner of the PDF document. If you prefer you can also print the forms and take photos of the signed forms. Return the filled in forms to

  Frequently asked questions:

Why do I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

We ask our members not to disclose any of the videos and files in the members area to a third party. A lot of work is being done on ongoing basis to curate and collate and create the content in the members area exclusively to our members' benefit. For example, some videos have been given to our use with the understanding that they will not be distributed freely on the internet but can be watched by our members. 


What is a code of conduct?

Code of conduct reminds us all to stay polite and courteous towards fellow members in all and any of the member platforms. It's ok to have a difference of opinion but it's never ok to insult another member or post derogative comments of other members. 

As a rehabber do I need a licence from NPWS?

It is a law in Ireland that anyone holding a wild animal captive needs a licence from NPWS to do so . This is why we ask to see the licence from our rehabber members. You can download licence application form here: 

Membership pack and application documents

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