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The Black Sheep Affair ((TOP)) Full Movie 11

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Flocks of sheep come running down the hill toward an offal pit surrounded by a gate. Henry accidentally slips into the pit, and Angus refuses to help. Henry and Experience fall into the pit but escape in the tunnels. Meanwhile, Tucker transforms into a sheep, but the scientist administers an injection of amniotic fluid from one of the mutant lambs which transforms him back to human. But when she goes to give the shot to Angus, she gets eaten by the sheep. Angus gives a presentation to businessmen about his new genetically engineered sheep, but the businessmen are soon slaughtered by the infected sheep. When Henry and Experience try to warn Angus, they discover he has a love for sheep and leave in disgust. Henry realizes he has been infected as the mutant sheep no longer attack him or Angus; not willing to risk hurting his companion if he fully transforms, Henry kisses Experience goodbye and parts ways with her. Henry ends up fighting with his brother in a barn, who has now transformed into a gargantuan mutant sheep monster; however, only as intelligent as a sheep, Angus is kept in check by Henry and the farm's sheepdog. While he is cornered by the dog, the revolving propeller of the family plane cuts into Angus and wounds him badly. Experience and Tucker suddenly arrive and disinfect both Angus and Henry with more amniotic fluid, administered via a medicine nozzle designed for sheep. Angus, human but mad, goes back to the sheep and tells them to bite him again. The sheep, driven mad by the smell of blood, devour Angus. Eventually, all the sheep are contained and killed in a giant bonfire of ignited sheep flatulence. The cure is given to the surviving mutant sheep people, including Grant. However, the sheepdog begins bleating.

Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator, reports that 72% of 96 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating is 6.4/10. The site's consensus reads: "With an outrageous premise played completely straight, Black Sheep is a violent, grotesque, and very funny movie that takes B-movie lunacy to a delirious extreme."[5] On Metacritic, it received a rating of 62/100 based on 17 reviews.[6] In a positive review, the Houston Chronicle's Bruce Westbrook stated that the film combines its many influences with fresh ideas.[7] Nigel Floyd of Time Out London rated the film 4/5 stars and called it a "treat for horror comedy fans".[8] Philip French, writing for The Guardian, called it a "lively affair" and "full of what might be called shear terror".[9] Andrew Pulver, also of The Guardian, was less impressed; he rated the film 2/5 and wrote that Shaun of the Dead had set the bar high for comedy horrors.[10] Writing in The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, Volume 2, academic Peter Dendle described it as an "excellent offering" that has zombie sheep "every bit as violent and contagious as the infected in 28 Days Later and other contemporary zombie fare".[11]

After only a month into the filming of Fong Sai-yuk, contract problems between Tsui Hark and Jet Li caused Li to back out from the fourth installment of the Once Upon a Time in China saga. Tsui met Zhao on the set of Fong Sai-yuk and was impressed with Zhao's performance that he quickly recruited Zhao to replace Li in playing the role of Wong Fei-hung. Tsui also encouraged Zhao to sign a three-year contract to be a full-time actor, but Zhao rejected the offer, stating that he felt that his education was more important. Zhao continued to devote himself to filming during school vacations for Green Snake (1993) and Once Upon a Time in China IV (1994). During filming for Green Snake, Zhao was hung high up in the air during a stunt with two steel wires supporting him but during an incident one of the steel wires broke and Zhao stated that if the other wire were to also break that he could have lost his life as well. Zhao was ultimately very frightened especially after filming this scene. During the filming of one of the Wong Fei Hung movies, he seriously i


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