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Although ten citadels were built in total, only a few have survived intact to the present day, and fewer still are held by the dwarves. In the years following the end of the Quest for Sky, many of the cities were overcome by the very creatures of the Darklands the stout folk had displaced during their quest, especially the orcs. These battles continued for millennia, with the tides of war flowing back and forth, until a final push of orc power in 1551 AR overwhelmed many of the remaining dwarven holdings.[5]


The three citadels are Astrahus (medium), Fortizar (large) and Keepstar (extra large). They have exactly same structure bonuses so the difference is only how many things they can have fitted and how much of a status symbol they are.

The secret citadels of Natalia are hidden communities of rabbits loyal to the fallen kingdom of King Jupiter, and thus, were also domiciles of the Resistance. They were refuges for those rabbits who were oppressed by the terrifying Redeye Garlackson and Morbin Blackhawk, concealed cities that housed rabbits of all trades and kinds.

The oldest known secret citadel was established at Kingston, under the leadership of the Blackstar family. Additional citadels were established following the death of King Jupiter in locations across Natalia.

There are two primary parts to playing Citadel. The first is what kind of attack cards to use. Low attacks can be easily discarded, but they will have minimal effect - although in the late game with fewer ships around, they can become more powerful. High attacks have a significant effect, but then they will be unavailable to use as encounter cards, and opponents will avoid attacking highly-fortified planets unless Citadel is allied with them. Note that citadels are not discarded until activated and defeated - if Citadel wants to remove a certain attack card from the game, it can be placed on a planet and never activated.

Citadel can affect alliances rather significantly. It can bargain with the defense for an invitation ("I'll only activate the citadels if you invite me"), and the offense will tend to extend invitations in hopes of not having to deal with the fortifications.

Designed by Colonel Gustavus Nicolls, Royal Engineers, this new star-shaped stone fortress was expected to be finished in just six years. Flaws in his design caused delays in construction, and the Halifax Citadel was not completed until 1856. Like the citadels before it, this new fort never saw battle, and advances in weaponry would soon render it obsolete.

The clan citadels were originally the flying fortresses of the aviansie, so Armadyl would have had his throne up there somewhere. Since the magic of the citadels is Armadyl's, it makes sense that the avatars are made by Armadyl too!

Clan Citadels are the castles in the sky that serve as clan headquarters. Resources collected by clan members can be spent to upgrade and customise the Citadel. There are meeting rooms, party rooms, and clan battlefields, which host combat games. Members of other clans may visit different citadels, provided the visited Citadel welcomes visitors.

Aleppo, 28 August 2008 - The ceremony marked the completion of cultural revitalisation work on the citadels of Aleppo, Salah ad-Din and Masyaf that once formed a system of fortresses in central-western Syria. The restoration work was carried out by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) in partnership with the Syrian Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums. 041b061a72


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