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an ideal city street bike route is a quiet country road, with trees and patches of grass along the side. sure, you can ride through the downtown parts of a city with freeway speed, but where do you go after you pass under the freeway what routes would you take in order to get to your destination with the least harm to yourself and others

on a divided highway or freeway, when you see a no left turn arrow or no u-turn sign, turn to the right. this is the standard "arrow right" turning rule. if you see a no right turn arrow or no u-turn sign, you should turn left and move into the next lane. this is the standard "arrow left" turning rule. you should not slow down or stop in order to turn right or left on a highway, and should not use the "no pass" lane. the reason for the different right and left turning rules on divided highways is that, in rare instances, highway lane divider lines will not serve as legal boundaries, and the state has determined that cars on the right (in the direction of travel) must be able to turn onto the highway without first passing through the turning lane. this rule is designed to protect both the right (in the direction of travel) turning car and the left turning car.

i know i am probably one of the odd people here, but i have never been on a motorcycle and i have no desire to get on one. the few videos i have seen of people riding motorcycles make me think they are from the 80's or the early 90's. i feel like a pedestrian would be more at home on a motorcycle than me. the fact that i know nothing about motorcycles doesn't help much. i have no desire to get on one, i don't want to get hurt, i don't know anything about them, and i have no interest in learning about them. as far as i know there are only recreational vehicles and such, no bikes for transport. so, if anyone can give me anything on how to make a safe decision on whether or not to ride a motorcycle, it would be greatly appreciated. 3d9ccd7d82


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