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Maverick Wright
Maverick Wright

Resogun Update V1.10 PS4

The graphics look relatively simple, but according to the developers the sheer number of objects and particle effects being rendered onscreen at once wouldn't have been possible on older consoles. The game's simple voxel-based ships and enemies don't leave much of an impression by themselves, but the huge chunks of the level that explode into tiny shards as you bomb enemies and the screen-filling boss encounters that finish out the levels give the game a distinct style. In the end, it's really just an updated take on a decades-old genre, but it's still a whole lot of fun to play.

Resogun Update v1.10 PS4

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This is a list of games that have been confirmed to have LAN/System-link capability and have been tested with XLink Kai.If a new game is released, but there is no arena set aside for that new game or it is not listed here, test the game out on XLink with someone else that has the game. If the game works without a problem, please contact us. Once we have received a few confirmations, we will proceed to update the list, and update the arena structure to include the new game title.


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