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Onyx Production House X10.2 13

Onyx Production House X10.2 13: A Review

Onyx Production House X10.2 13 is the latest version of the market-leading production RIP software from Onyx Graphics, Inc. It is designed for large format printing and offers a range of features and tools to optimize workflow, reduce ink usage, and enhance color quality. In this article, we will review some of the key features and benefits of Onyx Production House X10.2 13 and compare it with the previous version X10.

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What is Onyx Production House?

Onyx Production House is a software RIP (raster image processor) that converts digital images into printable data for large format printers. It supports over 1000 different printer models and can handle multiple print jobs simultaneously. It also provides a user-friendly interface and a powerful toolset for color management, layout, editing, cutting, and profiling.

What are the new features in Onyx Production House X10.2 13?

Onyx Production House X10.2 13 introduces several new features and improvements that can help users achieve better results and save time and money. Some of the main features are:

  • Job Editor Enhancements: The Job Editor tool allows users to edit and preview print jobs before sending them to the printer. In the new version, users can now access more options and settings from the Job Editor, such as ink usage estimation, spot color replacement, white ink handling, cut path generation, and more.

  • Color Swatch Books: The Color Swatch Books tool enables users to print color swatches on different media types and measure them with a spectrophotometer to create accurate color profiles. In the new version, users can now create custom swatch books with their own colors and sizes, as well as use predefined swatch books from industry standards such as Pantone and RAL.

  • PowerChroma Plus: The PowerChroma Plus tool is an advanced black generation technology that can reduce ink consumption and improve color quality by using less ink to create rich blacks. In the new version, users can now adjust the PowerChroma Plus settings for each media profile and printer mode, as well as use the new PowerChroma Plus Black Only mode for monochrome printing.

  • Step and Repeater Module: The Step and Repeater Module is a tool that allows users to create seamless patterns and textures for textile, carpet, and wallpaper applications. In the new version, users can now use the new Pattern Preview option to see how the pattern will look on the final output, as well as use the new Pattern Rotation option to rotate the pattern by any angle.

How does Onyx Production House X10.2 13 compare with Onyx Production House X10?

Onyx Production House X10.2 13 is an update of Onyx Production House X10 that adds new features and improvements to the existing software. Some of the main differences are:

FeatureX10X10.2 13

Job Editor EnhancementsLimited options and settingsMore options and settings

Color Swatch BooksNo custom swatch booksCustom swatch books

PowerChroma PlusNo adjustment for each profile/modeAdjustment for each profile/mode

Step and Repeater ModuleNo pattern preview/rotationPattern preview/rotation


Onyx Production House X10.2 13 is a powerful and versatile production RIP software that can help users achieve high-quality prints with less ink and more efficiency. It offers a range of features and tools that can handle various printing applications and challenges. It is also compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems. If you are looking for a reliable and professional software RIP for your large format printing needs, you should consider Onyx Production House X10.2 13.

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