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"Trying to Grab Smoke" - When one of two American founders of an illegal adults-only site is killed in Prague, the team is tasked to locate his partner who is still on the run in the Czech Republic. Also, Kellett struggles to maintain a relationship with her mother due to the complications of working so far from home, on CBS Original series FBI: INTERNATIONAL, Tuesday, Nov. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+.Pictured (L-R) Luke Kleintankas Special Agent Scott Forrester, Vinessa Vidottoas Special Agent Cameron Vo and Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie KellettPhoto: Katalin Vermes CBS2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

FBI 1x7

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In attempt to find the contents of his stolen shipping container, Lucifer enlists the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Chloe digs deeper into the Palmetto case, uncovering a lead that might finally expose the truth.

At Lux, Maze beckons to a man who follows her upstairs and joins her in the penthouse hot tub and then she unexpectedly pushes his head underwater, holding him until Lucifer appears. Lucifer called him Sergei Bok and interrogates him about his stolen wings. Sergei says he knows nothing about them, and Lucifer suggests to Maze, "He's the fifth man we've accosted this week, perhaps we're, dare I say it, going about this wrong? It may be time to seek the help of a professional." He has Maze release Sergei before he drowns.

Lucifer appears at Chloe's house while she's studying the Palmetto case at home, "Is this really what you do in your spare time? How fascinatingly morose." He tells her he needs her advice, and amazingly actually notices she is distressed and offers an ear. She explains how Dan wants her to drop the investigation, and she wants the truth. Lucifer says to find it, she needs no one's permission. In a turnabout she then advises him to find a fresh viewpoint on his problem, "someone who's not gonna be afraid to be honest... even if it's not what I want to hear."

At Palmetto Street, Chloe has Lucifer and Dan help her reconstruct the scene of the shooting. After running through the events, Lucifer points out, "It doesn't make sense...Aoudi would have no desire to kill Malcolm. Trust me, if there's one thing I know, it's desire. I mean, if Malcolm were indeed corrupt, he'd be Aoudi's golden goose,it'd be quite dumb to shoot him." Which raises the possibility someone else was there. Dan was then notified the FBI got a hit on Chloe's APB for angel wings.

After meeting an agent, he informs them the wings are to be auctioned, along with some other religion-based "antiques" and once Lucifer can prove provenance, he can have his wings back in 30 days. Lucifer, of course, instead, attends the auction where he discovers Amenadiel lurking, who tells Lucifer, "I came to ensure the wings get back where they belong.... They belong in the Heavens where they were created." Lucifer then gets into the auction by displaying his mysterious coin.

The auction host, Carmen Grant, is excited at the prospect of auctioning the coin after an expert's report, but Lucifer told him it is not for sale. When security draws their guns, and Amenadiel dares them to shoot, Lucifer smooths it over, saying he'll be bidding for the wings.

Amenadiel asks why Lucifer is suddenly afraid of guns, and the latter admits "...seems I'm dealing with a bit of a mortality sitch. Hence: ixnay on the unsgay." Amenadiel is pleased with the prospect, "all I have do is wait for some pitiful thug to end you and right back to Hell you go."

The first item for auction are chain links that supposedly held St. Paul. Amenadiel notes that Paul's wrists were too thick to fit into them, and Lucifer jokes about him being the saint of honey cakes, which amuses Amenadiel. Chloe then appears at Lucifer's side to warn him the FBI raid will be happening in five minutes. Lucifer then introduces her to Amenadiel, and they banter for a moment until Lucifer tells them it's unsettling to see them getting along. Carmen then reveals a set of angel wings, and a stunned Chloe breathlessly whispers that they are gorgeous. The FBI then raids the place, and Chloe spots Carmen slipping away, but finds he seems to have vanished into a brick wall.

At Lucifer's request, Amenadiel then slows time so that his brother could reach his wings before the FBI does. Upon approach, however, Lucifer realizes the wings are fake. Chloe finds a secret passage and the feds head into it. Lucifer is frustrated and angry and refuses to help Chloe further on her case, and tells Amenadiel "I'm afraid this is where I leave you, brother. What I'm about to do is the Devil's work."

Lucifer tracks down Carmen at a house listed under an alias, where he has been sitting just looking at the wings. Lucifer enters, "I understand, perfectly. A lifelong atheist, you took one peek at the wings and something changed in you. The great white light was revealed and a believer was born, one who couldn't part with real divinity." He is then appalled to find his wings mounted for display, and in his fury tells Carmen they are his and demands to know who tipped him off about the wings.

Amenadiel then finds Lucifer on the beach, and tries to convince him to return to Hell, only to watch Lucifer burn his wings. "It was you, brother. You tipped Carmen off, and you orchestrated the theft....clearly you were desperate. I mean, you were willing to let a human die and unleash the wings upon the world just to remind me who I was. To fool me into desiring the wings and the hellish throne they accompany. Well, do you know what? It almost bloody worked." Amenediel then attacked his brother and Lucifer let him, encouraging him in his wrath, and to "fall as I did."

At an empty Lux, Mazikeen informs Lucifer she cleaned up his mess on the beach, and he tells her, "I truly hate to disappoint you, but... well, this is where I have to be now....and this isn't what you bargained for," but she tells him she is with him "until the end," they are a team. She retreats as Chloe comes in and speaks with Lucifer talk about their cases. Maze examines a small case which holds a single feather from Lucifer's wings.

The State DinnerPREVIOUSLY ON THE WEST WINGspoken by C.J.SeasonEpisode17InfoOriginal AirdateNovember 10, 1999Written ByAaron Sorkin andPaul RedfordDirected byThomas SchlammeEpisodesPreviousNext"Mr. Willis of Ohio""Enemies"OSCAR NOMINEE STOCKARD CHANNING GUEST-STARS -- As that night's stylish state dinner honoring the Indonesian president looms in the background, President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) keeps his eye on a spate of potentially explosive problems: an FBI hostage standoff with dozens of militant survivalists, a Class-4 hurricane bearing down on a carrier group at sea and an impending national trucker's strike. Behind the scenes, the gracious First Lady (Oscar nominee Stockard Channing) prepares to host the dinner, a pushy reporter (guest star Timothy Busfield) flirts with C.J. (Allison Janney), Josh (Bradley Whitford) and Toby (Richard Schiff) corner an Indonesian government official to ask a favor, and a surprised Sam (Rob Lowe) spies his call girl friend Laurie (guest star Lisa Edelstein) at the event.

C.J. is holding the informal press gaggle where she is being fashions that will be sported by Mrs. Bartlet and the Indonesian President's wife. When she leaves, Josh informs her of a strengthening hurricane that will strike Georgia and the Carolinas. Sam then adds on that the Teamsters are voting to strike. This is followed by Toby, who informs her of a hostage crisis in Idaho.

Josh asks Donna to find a translator so he and Toby can speak with one of the Indonesian representatives who will be attending the State Dinner. Donna tries to impress upon Josh that she is not happy with the Indonesians because they, among other things, "summararily execute people they suspect of being sorcerers." At the Senior Staff Meeting, the group discusses the upcoming Teamsters meeting, the hurricane, and the hostage crisis. Mandy tries to get involved in the drafting of the evening's toast - to which Josh objects, but Leo allows.

Next, President Bartlet and the President of Indonesia are standing for photos from the White House Press Corps, while the two Presidents try to engage in small talk (spurred by Bartlet), though the President of Indonesia is not interested.

Sam is working on the toast and Leo holds his meeting with the Teamsters. Management and the Union are at odds over a number of issues and are not close to an agreement. Mandy and Josh discuss the hostage crisis. Mandy has knowledge about the weapons in the compound and Josh is annoyed the President sometimes listens to Mandy.

President Bartlet and the Indonesian President continue their appearances before the White House Press Corps, taking questions, in which the Indonesian President continues to be disengaged in responding to the questions. Danny asks President Bartlet about the protestors that are outside the White House, which C.J. hears as vermeil, and cuts Danny off, saying she will cover it at the briefing. Danny follows C.J. out of the room where he teases her that she doesn't know what the protests are about.

As the next group of press is brought in, Leo asks President Bartlet to step outside of the room for a moment. Leo informs the President they are moving a battle carrier group out to sea from Norfolk to avoid the hurricane. Meanwhile, Toby and Sam continue to work on President Bartlet's toast for the evening. Toby wants to be hardlined on the toast, calling the Indonesians out on political opression but Sam impresses upon Toby that would be impolite. 041b061a72


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