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Ugaljai Uefimovh
Ugaljai Uefimovh

Frei Wild Alle Alben Rapidshare Downloader !LINK!

Frei Wild Alle Alben Rapidshare Downloader >>>>>

ich will mir alle frei wild lieder runterladen ich habe mir ein programm geholt aber ich muss damit ins internet muss den link kopieren und im programm einfügen und das dauert mit den lieder ewig. weis jemand nen anderen weg der vill schneller geht

Ich kaufe seit "Mitten ins Herz" jedes Frei.wild-Album...nur ist mir aufgefallen, das es gar nicht ausreicht nur die Alben zu kaufen^^es gibt ja anscheinend UNENDLICH viele Frei.wild Bonustracks, die ich überhaupt nicht kenne O_oIch glaube ich könnte mir ein komplett neues Album daraus bauen, wenn ich nur wüsste, welchen Song es wo gibt Ich hab was von itunes exklusive und musicload exlusiven Liedern gelesen !

The song received mixed reviews from most music critics. For Entertainment Weekly, Kyle Anderson praised its "sweet" Mars' hook; with "'song of summer' written all over it", it "could have been a graduation anthem for stoners everywhere" if it was released in May.[14] MTV's Jenna Rubenstein gave the song a generally-positive review as more than a "reckless party jam"; the three singers are not bothered by the judgments of others, and "that's the positive, family-friendly message we're taking".[13] Billboard magazine gave it three-and-a-half out of five stars, calling it "a haze of nostalgia". The review praised Snoop Dogg's effortless flow, but called Whiz Khalifa's delivery "forceful" and "punchy"; it "gets on top of the beat and harshes the mellow laid-back production."[6] In a similar review, Lewis Corner of Digital Spy praised Dogg's verses and called the single "cool and addictive"; however, he found the song's "flavor" short-lived.[11] In a negative review, Shea Serrano of LA Weekly compared the track's atmosphere to the "inside of a cloud (smoke), a celebration or idea of what some teenagers who smoke pot would like". Serrano noted, ironically, that the song's performers were neither young, wild nor free.[22] 1e1e36bf2d


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