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Better Call Saul 5x4 __TOP__

After drunkenly sleeping together the previous night, Jimmy and Kim struggle to wake up and engage in their morning routine. Whilst exiting Kim's apartment, they walk past the shattered bottles they threw over the balcony. Jimmy tells Kim that he has decided to finally take up Howard on his offer of lunch; Kim wants to spend the day "fixing" the day before. After Jimmy drives away, Kim sweeps up glass shards on the tarmac and calls in to one of the associates at Schweikart & Cokely, beginning to devise a plan to resolve the land dispute in Tucumcari involving Everett Acker.

Better Call Saul 5x4


All of this is happening while Fring is awaiting a phone call about the DEA capturing his drug money from the dead-drops, which were exposed by Lalo Salamanca's plan. The plan was revealed to Fring by Nacho. 041b061a72


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