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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

[S1E6] The Art Of Desperation

Eventually, Nick and Tommy were able to find some of the video evidence and it was fair to say that things were about to escalate in a rather big way. Jack had a secret past that went far beyond his drinking, and all of a sudden, there was desperation to figure things out.

[S1E6] The Art of Desperation

The Gyptian ragtag army is on their way, despite the kids not believing anyone is coming to rescue them (or could effectively do so upon arrival.) So Lyra's not lying. Nor is she lying when, in desperation, she starts screaming she's Coulter's daughter, and crying out for her mother at the top of her lungs. Rendal's hesitation is enough, Lyra and Pan aren't entirely cut off when Coutler walks in and demands Cooper explain all this ruckus... until she hears Lyra loud and clear: "MOTHER, HELP."

Anne is horrified that George plans to shut her up in a nunnery and, in desperation, arranges another secret meeting with Richard. She kind of made me laugh with her remark to him about being grown up because 1) she pouts quite a bit in this episode and 2) when Richard asks her to marry him, her initial reaction is, like, you'll have all my money! Sheesh. Just say yes, for heaven's sake!

Due to her obsession with playing Hexes Hold'em, Eda forgets to top off on her supply of elixir. Shortly after, her curse begins to act up when she starts sprouting feathers, convincing her to go out and obtain more. Luz and King accompany Eda to the market, only to discover the store that sells Eda's elixir is out of stock until the next week. Seeing Eda's desperation, the shopkeeper, Morton, recommends seeing Grimm Hammer at the night market.

In 1929, America enters a decade of economic desperation, as the Stock Market collapses and the Great Depression begins. Factories fall silent, farms fall into decay, and a quarter of the nation's workforce is jobless. In these dark times, jazz is called upon to lift the spirits of a frightened country, and finds itself poised for a decade of explosive growth.

Ariyon Bakare will be missed. At the end, he injected just enough desperation for, and cluelessness about, Mrs Coulter into his character to make you very nearly feel sorry for Lord Boreal. It was skilfully done.

It's our 10th episode and we're unofficially naming it Simpin After Drake. Drake is the pioneer of the simpin movement so it was only right to honor him by doing the simpiest song of all time, "Marvin's Room" off of Take Care. We talk about drunk dialing your exes, why we do or don't leave voicemails, feeling like you're better than the new person your ex is dealing with, and pouring your heart out to someone you're missing as a last act of desperation. Do you really miss them, or are you just drunk and lonely?

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The goatman spun the chainsaw blade to chaotic life, its howl accompanied by other sounds, problems with the audio, maybe: the crunching of leaves underfoot, the human-like cry of a fox on a moonlit night, the murmurings, now louder than before, spoken or mumbled with the desperation of deathbed prayer. 041b061a72


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