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Gregory Abramov
Gregory Abramov

New Pose Catalogue Pdf 87

if your model is very thin, don't pose them with big hands on hips. instead, try to accentuate their body with a hands-on-sides position and hands on the hips or chest, or a hands-in-front-of-the-body and slightly closer to the camera.

New Pose Catalogue Pdf 87

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an excellent example of a great pose can be seen in this s/s 2012 stefano pilati campaign shot. the model is posed with a strong curve to her chest, accentuating the curves of her dress, in a strong profile with her hair being the central focus. the photographer is able to exploit the reflections in the mirror to add a creative and striking element. the hair is also the key element in giving the model a strong silhouette and enhancing the clothing.

the photo above is excellent for promoting a strong, toned body. the curve on her right hip adds an element of body and feminine charm to the photo. a model's pose can change and vary depending on the look, theme and product to be promoted. however, it's good to have a bank of poses to refer to when required.

another example of a strong, strong pose can be seen in the s/s 2012 advertisement shot above. the model is posed in a strong, strong profile and looking straight at the camera. the clothing stands out against the background while the model's strong chest curves enhance the product. another key element in this shot is that the model is wearing a white jacket that matches the background well.

this strong, strong pose is a good example of posing with the hand or fingers down. the hand is placed down, so that the fingers are curled up and the wrist is positioned in front of the face. the hand is usually placed in a semi-upright position and with the thumb and little finger pointing up.


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