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Why Men Marry Bitches Pdf

Why Men Marry Bitches PDF

Are you looking for a way to download the PDF version of the bestselling book Why Men Marry Bitches by Sherry Argov? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to get a free copy of the book in PDF format, as well as give you a brief overview of what the book is about and why it is so popular among women who want to win their man's heart.

What is Why Men Marry Bitches about?

Why Men Marry Bitches is a witty and empowering guide that shows women how to transform a casual relationship into a committed one. The author, Sherry Argov, is a relationship expert who has interviewed hundreds of men to reveal the secrets of what makes them fall in love and propose. She argues that being a "bitch" does not mean being rude or mean, but rather being confident, independent, and respectful of yourself. She also explains how to avoid the common mistakes that women make in dating, such as being too nice, needy, or accommodating, and how to set healthy boundaries, communicate your needs, and make him chase you.

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The book is divided into two parts: The first part covers the principles of attraction and commitment, and the second part provides practical advice on how to apply them in different scenarios. Some of the topics covered in the book are:

  • How to make him feel that he can't live without you

  • How to make him think that commitment was his idea

  • How to avoid being taken for granted or manipulated

  • How to handle his emotional buttons and hot buttons

  • How to deal with his exes, friends, family, and other women

  • How to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship

The book is filled with humorous anecdotes, real-life examples, and witty quotes from men and women. It also includes a quiz at the end of each chapter to help you assess your own relationship status and progress.

Why is Why Men Marry Bitches so popular?

Why Men Marry Bitches has been a bestseller since it was first published in 2002. It has been translated into over 30 languages and has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. It has also received rave reviews from critics and readers alike. Some of the reasons why the book is so popular are:

  • It is based on real insights from men. The author has interviewed hundreds of men from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures, and has distilled their honest opinions and experiences into easy-to-understand principles and tips.

  • It is relatable and realistic. The book does not offer unrealistic or fairy-tale advice, but rather practical and proven strategies that work in real life. It also acknowledges the challenges and difficulties that women face in dating and relationships, and offers solutions that are respectful of both parties.

  • It is empowering and inspiring. The book encourages women to be themselves and to value their own happiness and well-being. It also shows women how to be more confident, assertive, and attractive, without compromising their integrity or dignity.

How to download Why Men Marry Bitches PDF for free?

If you want to download the PDF version of Why Men Marry Bitches, you can do so by following these simple steps:

  • Click on one of the links below to access the PDF file.

  • [Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3] Select the "Download" or "Save" option on your browser or device.

  • Enjoy reading the book on your preferred device or app.

Note: These links are provided for educational purposes only. We do not own or host any of these files. Please respect the author's rights and purchase the book if you like it.


Why Men Marry Bitches is a must-read for any woman who wants to understand how men think and what makes them commit. It is also a fun and entertaining book that will make you laugh and learn at the same time. Whether you are single, dating, or married, this book will help you improve your relationship and get the love, respect, and happiness you deserve.

If you want to download the PDF version of the book for free, just click on one of the links above and follow the instructions. Happy reading!


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