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Nate Gordon
Nate Gordon

Rammstein - Keine Lust (Official Video)


I would partially agree to the interpretation above, but I also think the less metaphoric, resp. more obvious sexual innuendos, shouldn't be ignored, so you may see the message"overweight kills the libido" as well.However this only makes sense in combination with the official video clip to the song in which they are wearing fat suits.The german word "Lust" may also be translated as voluptuousnessIch hab keine Lust I don't feel any voluptuousnessthe lines "I don't feel like touching myself, don't feel like masturbating" speak for themselvesand in "...und merke bald, ich bin schon lange kalt" "I am [...] cold" may be understood as I don't feel any more "erotic heat" in me.finally I don't think in the video, that when Till throws the microphone away, it's not because he doesn't feel like to finish , but because he is too exhausted:-> right after you can see the nurse with an oxygen cylinder supplying him with oxygen, indicating that you may have difficulties to breath as an overweighted (since he is wearing a fat suit, making him appear like one).

"fuer etwas lust zu haben" directly translates as "to have the desire for/to do something", but desire in English is a much stronger word than it's German equivalent. Emotionally it translates better as "wanting to do something": Ich hab' keine lust = I don't want to [do anything]. In British English there's a closer match in "fancy", such as "I'd fancy it" or "fancy doing something" or "Nah, I don't fancy it". I left it here as "desire" to try to preserve the poetry better. 781b155fdc


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