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[S2E6] Proximity

[S2E6] Proximity ->->->->

[S2E6] Proximity

Two is the direct interface with the women. Our office space is directly ... basically it's the second floor of a residential building. And we get to see the women all the time. They can pop into our offices, open door policy. So I really like being in proximity to who we serve. I don't think I could do this work if I was sitting in some high-rise corporate office, away from where the direct services happen.

Things have never been better for you and Lorelei! But Scarlet Brighid is back, and it's only a matter of time before your day job brings you into uncomfortably close proximity to Lorelei's former flame. As Lorelei struggles with her past, can you keep her eyes firmly on your future together?

In participation the novice learns through situatedness within a community of practice. For example a person who grows up in a farming community, although not a farmer himself, may gain knowledge regarding the norms and practices of farming that far exceed an individual who lives in an urban environment. Thus, participation can be viewed as learning by proximity. The second classification of situated learning is apprenticeship. In this article, apprenticeship is defined as a dyadic relationship between a more knowledgeable other and a novice for the purpose of sharing wisdom and promoting skill development through active co-participation (Lave and Wenger). This framework suggests that the optimal avenue by which one(e.g., a novice plumber) learns a skill (e.g., replacing a rusted pipe) is not through decontextualized instruction on the topic (e.g., classroom lecture), but rather through active participation with one who is more experienced with said skill (e.g., assisting a master plumber with such a repair). 781b155fdc


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