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After Hours Athletes

"The main objective with the grade was to give the spot's different locations different 'feels' without being too heavy handed," explains our Lead Telecine Artist, Fergus McCall, who did the session in Baselight working initially with Ledwidge for about 3 hours. "I enhanced what had been captured in-camera and helped with the different tableaus, embracing the energy and excitement the spot naturally has. The agency was happy to let me go with Ringan's color direction. In a nutshell, it was a great collaborative piece from all concerned."

After Hours Athletes

The simple, yet prophetic advice from the film's narrator-When last call calls, don't answer.-propels the narrative to its night-cap neon end tag-Here's to the after hours athlete, pumasocial. Our design team of Felipe Posada and Mauricio Leon explain they tried to emulate the look of real neon signs, matching the end tag with the naturalistic look and concept of Puma's 'After Hours Athlete'.

Barley, OR, Iredale, F, Chapman, DW, Hopper, A, and Abbiss, C. Repeat effort performance is reduced 24 hours after acute dehydration in mixed martial arts athletes. J Strength Cond Res 32(9): 2555-2561, 2018-This study sought to determine the influence of acute dehydration on physical performance and physiology in mixed martial arts (MMA). Mixed martial arts athletes (n = 14; age: 23 4 years) completed in a randomized counterbalanced order a dehydration protocol, (DHY: 3-hour cycling at 60 W in 40 C to induce 5% dehydration) or thermoneutral control (25 C: CONT) exercise, followed by ad libitum fluid/food intake. Performance testing (a repeat sled push test, medicine ball chest throw, and vertical jump) was completed 3 hours and 24 hours after the intervention, whereas urine and blood samples were collected before, 20 minutes, 3 hours, and 24 hours after the intervention. Body mass was reduced (4.8 0.8%) after DHY (p

What it is : The commercial, directed by Smuggler's Ringan Ledwidge, celebrates a new kind of athlete and features vignettes of young people experiencing the thrill of victory and agony of defeat of "after-hours" sports, from bowling and foosball to pool and karaoke. The spot, devoid of the typical jukebox track that would accompany such activities, features instead an uplifting, symphonic score created by Woodwork Music's Phil Kay, with voice-over by Urge Overkill vocalist/guitarist Nash Kato, that together give a nostalgic tinge to each scene. The commercial also features photography by Ben Seresin, editing by Spotwelders' Rich Orrick, sound design by Elias Arts and postproduction out of The Mill.

However, the "pump up" spot features the athletes asserting their status with a karaoke-style version of the track 'Everywhere We Go'. The ad closes with the strapline "Here's to the after hours athletes".

International Journal of Exercise Science 16(1): 205-216, 2023. The purpose of this study was to identify changes in neuromuscular performance variables evaluated through the countermovement jump test before and after (0 hours, after session and 24h post) of a simulated futsal protocol in young university female athletes. Fourteen eumenorrheic, healthy and experienced female futsal players were randomly assigned to an intervention group n = 7) or a control group (n = 7). Both groups performed three countermovement jumps before and after the protocol using an inertial system device. The intervention group completed a short-term functional agility and fatigue protocol that simulated the characteristics of futsal, while the control group did not perform any exercise. The results showed a reduction in peak flight time (p = 0.049; d = 0.586), peak concentric work (p = 0.03; d = 1.819) and peak maximum force (p = 0.02; d = 0.782) comparing experimental and control group. No changes in other variables examined were noted between conditions (p > 0.05). These findings indicate that the changes in neuromuscular performance variables, evaluated through a simulated protocol, are established as determinants in the definition of peripheral fatigue in futsal practitioners until 24 h after a demanding intervention.

Namma-Motonaga, K.; Kondo, E.; Osawa, T.; Shiose, K.; Kamei, A.; Taguchi, M.; Takahashi, H. Effect of Different Carbohydrate Intakes within 24 Hours after Glycogen Depletion on Muscle Glycogen Recovery in Japanese Endurance Athletes. Nutrients 2022, 14, 1320.

Namma-Motonaga K, Kondo E, Osawa T, Shiose K, Kamei A, Taguchi M, Takahashi H. Effect of Different Carbohydrate Intakes within 24 Hours after Glycogen Depletion on Muscle Glycogen Recovery in Japanese Endurance Athletes. Nutrients. 2022; 14(7):1320.

Namma-Motonaga, Keiko, Emi Kondo, Takuya Osawa, Keisuke Shiose, Akiko Kamei, Motoko Taguchi, and Hideyuki Takahashi. 2022. "Effect of Different Carbohydrate Intakes within 24 Hours after Glycogen Depletion on Muscle Glycogen Recovery in Japanese Endurance Athletes" Nutrients 14, no. 7: 1320.

The Athletic Medicine Department treats intercollegiate varsity athletes who become injured or ill and encourages wellness. If an injury or illness should develop while you are practicing or playing you should advise your athletic trainer so that appropriate medical follow-up can be arranged. Treatment programs are designed to return athletes to full competition as soon as safely possible.

The Commission general phone number is (916) 263-2195. If the phone lines are busy or if you are calling after hours, please leave your name, a contact number, detailed message and every effort will be made to contact you within 24 hours.

Note: Online ticket sales for an event end five hours before game time. After that, tickets may be purchased via phone at (866) 296-MTIX during regular business hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday) or at the door if an event is not sold out.

Our sports medicine specialists help athletes of all ages and skill levels by preventing and treating sports-related injuries. From professional sports players to recreational athletes, they provide comprehensive, quality care to help you get back into play. Exercise and treatment programs are designed to meet the needs of your specific condition so that you can return to your active lifestyle.

We offer walk-in care for acute orthopedic injuries such as fractures, dislocations, strains and sprains at our Indian Creek Campus in Overland Park. Walk-in hours are 8 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays.

I am often asked if the Olympic village - the vast restaurant and housing conglomeration that hosts the world's top athletes for the duration of the Games - is the sex-fest it is cracked up to be. My answer is always the same: too right it is. I played my first Games in Barcelona in 1992 and got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than in the rest of my life up to that point. That is to say twice, which may not sound a lot, but for a 21-year-old undergraduate with crooked teeth, it was a minor miracle.

Barcelona was, for many of us Olympic virgins, as much about sex as it was about sport. There were the gorgeous hostesses - there to assist the athletes - in their bright yellow shirts and black skirts; there were the indigenous lovelies who came to watch the competitions. And then there were the female athletes - literally thousands of them - strutting, shimmying, sashaying and jogging around the village, clad in Lycra and exposing yard upon yard of shiny, toned, rippling and unimaginably exotic flesh. Women from all the countries of the world: muscular, virile, athletic and oozing oestrogen. I spent so much time in a state of lust that I could have passed out.

Police said an investigation revealed that on Tuesday, two men had entered the store through the back door while it was closed. The men took shoes and clothing, then fled. On Wednesday, two men came to the store after hours, taking merchandise before fleeing, according to police.

What does a parent do when their child is injured while playing after-school sports? Rush to the nearest emergency room? Find an urgent care center? That's the predicament that Stephanie Jones thought she was in when she saw her daughter Morgan go down on the basketball court with an injured knee during a game at Oldfields School, where Morgan is a junior. 041b061a72


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