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GROUND BRANCH Full Crack Fix [crack Fix]

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GROUND BRANCH Full Crack Fix [crack Fix]

if you dont want to deal with the heat of crack in the ground, but instead want to use the waterfall as a cool/shady place to hang out, there is a way to access it. the easiest route to the waterfall is to follow a river upstream from the crack (the river is completely non-overlooked by most players, but in-game and in-map warnings will tell you not to cross it). the waterfall is accessed by following the river upstream past a small, narrow, rocky bridge that can be crossed without having to crawl. a bit further along the river, there is a small fissure in the rocky bank leading to the waterfall; however, there is a short (10ft) climb up to the top of the fissure, and the path is difficult to see from the river. the waterfall itself is a nice (if small) waterfall, and its coolness is only slightly hindered by the heat of crack in the ground.

if youre looking for the first time your character comes out of the fissure and the ground is no longer red or theres no more blood to see, then youve been able to see a 20-30ft drop, and youre being pulled toward the water. youre on a short ledge overlooking the river, and theres a small, narrow trail that is not fully visible to players below. the short ledge is about 50ft from the river, and the trail is about 30ft from the river. theres a small fissure in the rock near the trail, and that is where you should look for your first glimpse of the water. look closely for the first time you appear out of the fissure, and try to spot an edge along the river. that edge will be your first step. theres a small stair leading down to the river, and theres a wooden bridge that you can cross to reach the bridge near the waterfall. 3d9ccd7d82


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