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Infinite Ocean for Cinema 4D by C4Depot: How to Use It and What You Can Do with It

this tutorial will help you create an infinite ocean by using the 2d camera template. for any questions regarding the creation of the ocean or you want to help improve this tutorial, please contact me!

Infinite Ocean For Cinema 4D By C4Depot

use the infinite ocean to create a vast body of water for your scene. whether you are a professional sea captain or a water photographer, you will be impressed with the stunning realism of this custom ocean. use the included ocean shader to create the most realistic ocean you have ever seen!

what we're going to do is use the ocean scene (the one by default with cinema 4d). if you just want to get the basics of creating a new scene, then you can just download the file: ocean.c4d from my website or get it here.

a product of c4depot for cinema 4d. it is a mask for the water effect in cinema 4d. it is also compatible with the softimage(r) 2014 and 2015 version. the module is a package containing : the textures for the water and the sky the mask for the water effect in c4d the c4d fx package the mesh for the user interface if you are looking for another package, you can find it here : c4d infinite ocean for cinema 4d 3 the version is written in english. please activate the license on the install package by clicking on the checkbox, or on the right. thank you.

the infinite ocean for cinema 4d by c4depot is a high quality fluid simulation for cinema 4d that provides a detailed, highly accurate ocean simulation. c4depot provides this product for free but you must provide your own ocean source. the plugin is a standalone fluid simulation and does not need to be combined with any other plugin. however, it is possible to use the plugin in combination with other plugins such as advanced ocean simulation.


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