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okay, maybe it's because it's been eons since i touched imvu. or maybe it's because i started playing when i was like. 13 years old. but where the hell do i find badges i have a bunch but i want some specific themed ones but i cant just like... go to the shop and type something in and get badges to buy, can i help T^T

Get totally free imvu badges to personalize your imvu profile card. We are currently the largest directory of imvu badges in the world. We collect badges automatically every second and show it to you totally free.

Believe it or not, it is possible to have all of the costumes, badges, and currency in IMVU. However, getting them all can take a lot of time. Clothes, specifically, are extremely important in an avatar-based game such as IMVU where appearances and how one presents themselves matters a lot

These high-quality items are sure to be liked by alphabet letter badges imvu suppliers who can buy these at economical prices. The alphabet letter badges imvu can be used in raising awareness about a brand or a chosen social cause.īrowse through the wide range of attractive alphabet letter badges imvu at.

These alphabet letter badges imvu may come in simple or highly ornamented and embellished designs that serve as a style statement. This is especially useful in places like banks and hospitals where employee identification is especially important. The alphabet letter badges imvu offered on the site can also be customized to serve as an indicator of one's designation or company. The alphabet letter badges imvu have comfortable pins that can be easily attached without tearing holes into the fabric to which they are added. These alphabet letter badges imvu come in a large variety of fun and bright colors that draw attention.

These range from simple florals and geometrics to cartoon characters, tv show motifs and so on. The alphabet letter badges imvu offered on are available in different designs. The biggest listing of IMVU badges The Bling Directory. The alphabet letter badges imvu on the site are durable and long-lasting. You can create 3D avatars, customize your own animated emoji and send messages in super fun chat. These alphabet letter badges imvu are made of a large variety of materials such as metal and plastic. These items help to express one's personality, serve as advertisements, or work as accessories on articles of clothing and bags. About products and suppliers: offers the largest selection of alphabet letter badges imvu for customers of all kinds to choose from. 59ce067264


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