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Bloodspell Scaricare Film

Death Knight Love Story the new film from Strange CompanyMMO Melting Pot the best of the MMO blogosphere Home->AboutBloodSpell: the groundbreaking Machinima animated feature filmBloodSpell is StrangeCompany`s first feature-length Machinimaanimated film.

Bloodspell scaricare film

It is available to view or download online, released under Creative Commons license.Watch nowIt is a story of a world where men and women carry magic in theirblood, and spilling it can unleash terrible power. Where these "Blooded" hide in fetid slums from the Church of theAngels, commanded by their divine masters to "cleanse" the Blood Magic.Where choices are fraught, alliances rarely safe, and blood is all.A young monk named Jered flees the Church when his own Blood Magic isreleased. Now he must survive the pursuit of the Church, thegladiatorial pits of the Blooded underground, and the hidden truths ofthe ancient struggle. The choices he makes will tip the balance of thewar between Church and Blooded, and change his world forever.Mixing a vivid world with fast-paced action and punk attitude, we thinkBloodSpell will be like no film you`ve ever seen. It is made using the game NeverwinterNights, and is written and directed by Machinima pioneer HughHancock."Damned fine storytelling and editing/production work."- Cory Doctorow, author and activist

Since then, we have completely re-edited, remastered, and inmany cases reshot footage to turn BloodSpell into the feature film weoriginally envisaged. This feature version includes hundreds of newshots, new voice acting, a completely new edit and soundtrack, and is,basically, BloodSpell 2.0. We think you'll be impressed.

Death Knight Love Story the new film from Strange CompanyMMO Melting Pot the best of the MMO blogosphere Home->Watch Stumble It! Subtitles and commentariesEnglish SubtitlesGerman SubtitlesCommentaries (plus full film) Or Download for later viewingDownload to watch at highest quality - and share with your friends! Warning - this will take a while! Download DivX or Quicktime (Internet Archive) DVD?The DVD release of BloodSpell is now available. With four commentary tracks, hours of additional material, documentaries on the film's production, deleted scenes, subtitles in English and German and more. The DVD is available in downloadable ISO format for burning in normal DVD burners: NTSC Version for US, Canada and JapanPAL Version for other countriesInlay and disc label images for the DVDsSadly we are not able to offer a physical media version at this time. Sorry!

Want to know how BloodSpell was made, or hear from its cast and crew? Watch these.BloodSpell: It Begins - Download(Internet Archive) - Stream ( - Stream (YouTube)BloodSpell: Preproduction - Download(Internet Archive) - Stream ( - Stream (YouTube)BloodSpell: Animation - Download(Internet Archive) - Stream ( - Stream (YouTube)BloodSpell: Editing - Download(Internet Archive) - Stream ( - Stream (YouTube)BloodSpell: Series to Feature - Download(Internet Archive) - Stream ( - Stream (YouTube)BloodSpell: What Next? - Download(Internet Archive) - Stream ( - Stream (YouTube) Older version of BloodSpellThe downloads below are from the original series release of BloodSpell. They're older and in some cases embarassingly worse than the feature film release, but we keep them up here for historical value.

The Strange Company crew present the first part of the "Making of Bloodspell". Get behind the scenes at Strange Company Towers, and see how half a dozen geeks in Hugh's spare room manage to make a film by turning each other into badgers.N.B. There is no QuickTime version available at the moment. We hope to be able to provide a QuickTime version soon.

BloodSpell is a 2006 fantasy film produced by Strange Company. BloodSpell employs filming techniques known as machinima, and is the first feature-length production to use BioWare's Aurora Engine, developed for the role-playing video game Neverwinter Nights, to generate the video portion of the film.[1] The film was serially released in short episodes under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License, which allows for redistribution, modification, and creation of fan fiction.[2] Strange Company have asserted somewhat controversially that, as of 2006, BloodSpell, was the largest machinima production. The series features numerous cameo appearances, including several voice appearances from science fiction author Charles Stross.[3]

The film was made using the Neverwinter Nights Aurora game engine, which provides a Dungeon Master (DM) client that allows actor models to be created or removed at will. Multiple DMs can join a single local Neverwinter Nights server. Under this configuration, any character can be controlled by any of the DMs to accomplish actions that are needed for the scene being filmed.

In August 2006, controversy involving BloodSpell occurred when the Leipzig Games Convention pronounced it too violent to be shown as part of their machinima showcase.[9] The Games Conference later changed their position and allowed the film to be shown.

In 2007, the fourteen episodes were remastered into a feature film. In early 2008, a DVD image of the feature-length edit of BloodSpell was released under Creative Commons at the official site. The DVD includes three "Making of BloodSpell" documentaries.

Would you be interested in a huge fantasy adventure with love, passion, the living dead, swords and evil magic? How about if it was featured Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon), Joanna Lumley (The New Avengers), and Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean)? Interested? Good. As with any good movie plot though, there's a twist. In this case it's the story behind the film that you should be taking notes on. 'Death Knight Love Story' comes from the mind of Hugh Hancock, an independent Edinburgh based film-maker, and some of the techniques behind the film could well become the norm in the future of movie making.

'Death Knight Love Story' (DKLS) is a machinima film, based in the World of Warcraft universe. Using an off-the-shelf motion capture system, Hancock is able to animate the characters with ease, and have the resulting data rendered into the scenes in the film. It's a similar approach to big budget features such as Avatar, but DKLS has a few advantages.

Add in the lower impact World of Warcraft has in the media today compared to when the project started, pair it up with a meta-narrative, and the film itself has met with muted success online. But the value of DKLS is not solely about the number of downloaded files. To the indie film-maker, the business value generated by DKLS is immense.

Apart from the obvious benefits of having an accomplished demo reel, along with the casting of major actors to legitimise Strange Company, Hancock has a number of significant data-sets he can explore and learn from, including download numbers, online viewing habits, and which Google AdWord campaigns bring in viewers who are ready to sit through the whole film. There's also the ability to A/B test his theories on landing pages and if they should (or should not) have a movie trailer to advertise the film (turns out that if you are trying to gather downloads, no trailer on the landing page is the way to go).

Speaking of testing, rather than bring in a Movie Analytics company, Hancock utilised a user testing mode, "after all what is this machinima film if not a twenty-minute long web app?" Requesting a certain demographic and running an edit of the film provided data (that key works again) on the appeal of the film and allowed DKLS to undergo a form of screen-testing for a much reduced cost.

All of that added together gives Strange Company a competitive advantage over other film-makers - Hancock believes that DKLS has leapfrogged the company forward around 36 months relative to other companies without the experience he has. While DKLS is a non-profit based title, and freely available online, the investment in the feature has returned a number of key business assets to Hancock and Strange Company.

Zack O'Malley Greenburg is senior editor of media & entertainment at Forbes and author of four books, including A-List Angels: How a Band of Actors, Artists and Athletes Hacked Silicon Valley and the Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind. Zack's work has also appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Billboard, Sports Illustrated, Vibe, McSweeney's and the Library of Congress. In over a decade at Forbes, he has investigated topics from Wu-Tang Clan's secret album in Morocco to the return of tourism in post-conflict Sierra Leone to the earning power of Hip-Hop's Cash Kings, writing cover stories on subjects ranging from Richard Branson to Ashton Kutcher to Katy Perry. A former child actor, Zack played the title role in the film Lorenzo's Oil (1992) and arrived at Forbes in 2007 after graduating from Yale with an American Studies degree. For more, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, newsletter and via Got a tip on a music, media & entertainment story? Send it over via SecureDrop. Instructions here:

The latest film has delved further into Dumbledore and Grindelwald than any other book or film in the "Harry Potter" franchise. The two rivals, and former lovers, are at odds in history, but the first two "Fantastic Beasts" films have made it impossible for them to fight each other just yet.

"Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," the second film in the series, reveals that as teenagers Dumbledore and Grindelwald undertook a blood pact that wouldn't allow them to move against each other. It was the biggest obstacle in the way of the duel between the two that we know, from past "Potter" lore, to eventually occur in 1945.

At the end of the second film, Newt delivers the pendant containing Dumbledore's and Grindelwald's drops of blood to Dumbledore, correctly guessing that it's a blood pact. Dumbledore says that he may be able to destroy it, but it's unclear.


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