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The Black Parade - Wikipedia

this is my chemical romance's magnum opus, and the whole thing is one long epic, the likes of which the band have never really come close to doing again. there are some great highlights here, the most obvious being the title track and the jonny's theme. it also has two of the best tracks on the album, but the best thing about the album is that it is so effortlessly great, and also so enjoyable to just listen to.

Download Full Album My Chemical Romance The Black Parade

if you are looking for a my chemical romance album to listen to, this is the one. if you want to listen to the best album ever made by any band, then this is the one. if you are looking for something to listen to after having a few drinks, this is the one.

how could you not make a record this epic? "it was all about" way said. "i had just had this experience with the black parade that was very powerful and i didn't want to forget it and i didn't want it to be a figment of my imagination. i wanted to make it real. i wanted to make it real and capture it. it felt like this was a way to capture it."

most of the black parade was recorded in one marathon session at the same studio, sunset sound in los angeles. the band slept in the studio, ate out of take-out containers and had to get up and play an hour later. "it was like a 13 hour all-nighter" way said. "it was one of those things where it just felt like the right thing to do, it felt like the right time and we were all on the right page."

the biggest song on the album was the title track, "the black parade," a song that was inspired by a visit to the venice beach boardwalk. "i had this realization that you live your whole life and everything you do is geared toward dying and the way you die," way said. "you know, you spend the rest of your life trying to run away from death but it's impossible. so, i wanted to try and figure out why."


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