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Lovers Lab Sims 4

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Lovers Lab Sims 4

Private estate ownership in Second Life (still by far the largest source of SL-based revenue for Linden Lab) has hit a four year low, according to Tyche Shepherd, a professional data analyst who runs Grid Survey. Private estates, she recently Tweeted, are "lowest since 13th July 2008 when grid was still growing. Lower than bottom of post-OpenSpaces decline 4th April 2009." She's referring to the Openspace Rebellion which began in late 2008, when user protest over price hikes on limited-use private sims provoked a large decline in estate ownership. (Read more about it here.)

Last June, Tyche told me she forecast Second Life to lose 10% of its total private landmass this year. In January 2012, she told me then, the world had 23,857 sims, and it now has 21,168 -- which means nearly 2,700 sims gone in the interim. By my rough calculation, that's nearly 9% of a total loss, and there's still a few weeks in 2012 left.

I agree with Pussycat, without places of entertainment and stores Second Life will decline even more and, from what I have seen, Linden Lab seems to find ways to make even more money out of the grid but can't offer residents any incentive to get in-world and make more entertainment. I had 5 role play sims up to a year ago while the themed market that visitors land at could help off-set some of the cost with content sales. Since the web Market place has grown my market sales have fallen to less than half what they were. Hence the decision to close some of the sims. I know other role play sims depend upon themed market sales too and they are suffering the losses too.

The Land Barons have a glut of empty property evidenced by the amount of yellow plots on the map and sims are still closing every week with few nothing new to offset it. There is just so much wrong and not least the problems of lag and bugs. The whole economy is being under mind.

Script heavy avatars over the past few years were a major problem for SL. Resize scripts in hair and shoes were killing sims left and right. With the advent of linkset resizers and a lot of places checking and publicly calling out script use - the problem is fading. But for a while it looked like the fashionistas would manage to kill SL to preserve their brand loyalty to toxic brands.

That said, if it hit only one sim, and your visitors were generally the same people on all of your sims - then it was a LL problem, and sadly I keep reading how unresponsive they have become to dealing with such issues.

Yeah, Okay, that is your view but there are many examples of sims using more than 15000 prims. No, they don't all use the 100K allocation on Opensim grids like Kitely but there are some fantatic builds easily as good as anything in Second Life. In fact, there is no difference between SL and OS in build quality if you are a decent builder. It depends where you look. Second Life has plenty of rubbish builds but also some truly amazing builds. The same is true of OS grids, absolutely.

Be 100 regions or 100.000 what matters is how many are in World at a time! LL needs to ensure that sims can handle more then 20 avatars without lag and make cross sims smoother (and they are trying to do that!). Then they can offer more m2 on mainland to premium members with same tier level, increasing the number of avatars where it matters, the continents! Cause private sims, disconneted form eacbh others, those we have already in open sims grids at much better price! And as most users log in on Sl for the 30 min sex period, adult continents are needed more then any else! Our home at zindra is on a sim that has always more then 30 avatars at same time and lag is not a problem, so its Zindra that LL needs to follow and not any thing else!

You can always rely on merchants that do well out of the web Market place and spend nothing in-world supporting the community to belittle role playing as niche when, in fact, role play accounts for a huge part of the population that spends the most time in Second Life every day. I would also argue they account for more content sales because the average role player will be playing in more than one venue with more than one alt name. Each alt will need outfitting so one actual players could be spending a fair amount of money while others such as music lovers, clubbers and those with basic erotic interests will be less likely to spend so much on a bunch of avatars simply because they don't need so many.

As for renting out land I am not in the rental business nor do i want to handle all that. I would be a fool to invest at Linden prices to enter the rental business with so many empty rental sims around and land Barons in the best position to undercut prices. Even Linden Lab damages the rental market so they can claw in premium accounts. In fact, my RPG is a none-profit dedicated to a theme I am my fellow players enjoy. I have not broken even on costs in a long time and I was forced to close three regions last year and just manage with two. I know other venues have closed and given up and it has a lot to do with declining traffic and the slump on In-world sales. This is something I do know about and have experience in.


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