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Sudoku Variants Download __HOT__

Enjoy solving puzzles with pencil and paper and want to become a Sudoku variant pro? Download and print your favorite books and start solving right away. For more information, preview images and book downloads follow any of the links below.

Sudoku Variants Download

Debuted in August 2011, Conceptis Book Store is an ambitious ongoing project planned to offer hundreds of specialized puzzle books from various creators in the next years. Each book comes as a standard PDF file which can be downloaded and printed on any home or office printer, offering a set of unique puzzles which are not easy to find in other books and magazines around the world.

When letters are used, the puzzle is sometimes known as Wordoku. Some variants, such as in the TV Guide Magazine, include a word reading along a main diagonal, row, or column once solved; determining the word in advance can be viewed as a solving aid. A Wordoku might contain words other than the main word.

Many other variants have been developed.[25][26][27] Some are different shapes in the arrangement of overlapping 99 grids, such as butterfly, windmill, or flower.[28] Others vary the logic for solving the grid. One of these is "Greater Than Sudoku". In this, a 33 grid of the Sudoku is given with 12 symbols of Greater Than (>) or Less Than (

The fewest clues possible for a proper Sudoku is 17 (proven January 2012, and confirmed September 2013).[32][33] Over 49,000 Sudokus with 17 clues have been found, many by Japanese enthusiasts.[34][35] Sudokus with 18 clues and rotational symmetry have been found, and there is at least one Sudoku that has 18 clues, exhibits two-way diagonal symmetry and is automorphic. The maximum number of clues that can be provided while still not rendering a unique solution is four short of a full grid (77); if two instances of two numbers each are missing from cells that occupy the corners of an orthogonal rectangle, and exactly two of these cells are within one region, the numbers can be assigned two ways. Since this applies to Latin squares in general, most variants of Sudoku have the same maximum.

HoDoKu is a sudoku helper written in Java and available in English and German. Generate sudokus in five different and fully configurable difficulty levels. Solve them yourself (with help from HoDoKu's hint system) or let HoDoKu do it for you.

If you want to practice a specific technique, simple go to "Training Mode", select a technique, and every new generated sudoku will contain that technique. And if you want it, the sudoku will be solved automatically up to the point, where the technique is applicable.

HoDoKu contains a powerful sudoku analyzer: view all available solution steps for a given state and change your solution accordingly. Manage multiple solutions for one sudoku and write the sudoku plus your solutions to disk.

Version 2 has many more features for you: Choose sudokus from HoDoKu's sudoku history (complete with preview), compute for any step, how far it will advance the sudoku towards the solution, sort available steps according to type, cell, candidate or eliminations. And if you absolutely have to "guess", create a savepoint and revert to it, if your guess was wrong.

The Internet is partly responsible for the popularity of Sudoku in recent years. Many websites offer daily puzzles in various degrees of difficulty, puzzle collections, background information, solving tips, new variants and places for the Sudoku community to interact with each other.

Sudoku puzzles are a proven method for enhancing logic skills. As a logic puzzle, Sudoku is also a great brain game. If you play Sudoku everyday, you'll soon begin to see improvements within your concentration and overall brain power. You could reduce your probabilities of Dementia or Alzheimer's simply by solving Sudoku puzzles. By using this selection of sudoku puzzle books you would experience enhanced brain capabilities for example focus, logical thinking and memory.

Our irregular Sudoku puzzles are 9 X 9 sudoku. Instead of having nine 3 X 3 square areas, these 9 areas are irregular shapes. The rules are the same as for a classic sudoku. You need to find by deduction nine different digits by row, column and area.

Our, jigsaw, irregular sudoku puzzles were created by We publish them in open source.In case of a copy from you, it is requested that a link to our website be at least present on these copies.

Logic Wiz Sudoku is a sudoku app aimed at a general audience but with a range of difficulty levels, features, and game styles that make it suitable for players of any age. Academically able kids often enjoy pitting their intellect against puzzle setters.

Connoisseurs have exacting tastes. Sudoku has its share of devoted fans, and Logic Wiz Sudoku may well be the app they want. Computers can generate sudoku puzzles, but devotees believe handcrafted ones to be more satisfying. Logic Wiz Sudoku contains thousands of them.

The sudoku content can't be faulted, but what about the solving mechanics? When a popular pen-and-paper activity makes the jump to a screen, it has to bring with it features that make solvers' lives easier without distracting from the purity of the puzzle.

Fortunately, Logic Wiz Sudoku's developers don't seem like they jumped on sudoku for its popularity but because they love the puzzles. There are far too many quality of-life features to mention, but they are all intuitive to use and genuinely helpful. The app feels polished and designed to remove any annoyances from solving the boards.

Logic Wiz Sudoku is great for introducing people of all ages to the calm focus of sudoku solving. The app has quests that users can follow. They select a base difficulty level, and the app adapts within that as players improve. It even offers hints when it detects that the player really needs one.

People of all ages love sudoku. With its design, Logic Wiz Sudoku does not target the kids' market, but its clarity and neutral look will not put any off. If kids are interested in learning to solve sudoku puzzles, you can consider them the right age for this app!

Kids sometimes struggle with problem-solving for reasons other than their ability level. They may lack confidence, be too ready to give up, or not see the point in putting in the effort. Kids who have solved a puzzle that once seemed impossible will grow in confidence, learn that some challenges take time, and feel a sense of achievement. Their schoolwork problems might not be sudoku-based, but these kids won't be so likely to shy away from a challenge.

The note-making required by sudoku can be difficult for some kids. Even able kids might not have tidy enough handwriting to put the small notes needed to track possible answers into the cells. Sudoku apps, such as this, excel at making the puzzles accessible for all, whatever their pen-control skills.

The app can be mirrored to a class display to form an excellent aid for teachers to show kids how to solve and improve at sudoku. Selecting a cell highlights the rows, columns, and sections it affects to emphasise what kids must consider. Teachers can manually highlight cells to clarify teaching points, and the accessible toggle between adding answers and making 'pencil mark' memory hints helps with modelling strategies.

Logic Wiz Sudoku supports family sharing, so it is an excellent app for a sudoku loving parent to use to pull their kids into their hobby. Aside from getting extra value from the subscription, supporting their kids in developing their solving skills could make an enjoyable shared activity.

Logic Wiz Sudoku is free to download. This version contains advertisements that distract from the puzzles and the app's elegance. It also lacks a few features, such as the Jigsaw Sudoku and cloud saves of boards. This is not the definitive version, though, and lets new users try before committing to the app.

The whole app is available for a low subscription price. All subscription durations are good value, but the annual and lifetime ones are the best, especially if you consider the price of a sudoku book or buy a newspaper each day for the puzzles alone.

Logic Wiz Sudoku is a complete package for fans of the famous puzzles. If you or your kids enjoy solving sudoku but want a more convenient and feature-rich solving environment than pen and paper, Logic Wiz Sudoku is a great choice.

The decision is a little more complicated for introducing kids to the puzzles or using them in the classroom. It works well for teaching beginners, and its various boards, difficulty levels, and intuitive feature set offer many benefits for teaching and practising sudoku solving.

But whether it is suitable for your kids or classroom can only be answered by you. You'll know whether your kids would respond better to a sudoku app designed specifically for kids, although these typically offer fewer features for teachers and less content. Some kids prefer to feel that they are playing 'grown-up' apps like this one.

This book contains 100 sudoku samurai puzzle in Hard difficulty.Samurai sudoku puzzles contain five overlapping sudoku grids. The regular sudoku rules apply to every 9 x 9 grid. Put numbers from 1 to 9 in every empty cell. Each row, each column, and each 3 x 3 box should consist of one of each digit. The puzzles on Samurai Sudoku have one unique solution that you can get using logic, absolutely no guessing needed. 350c69d7ab


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