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Alan Walker - Faded _BEST_

It also charted in various countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It also reached number one on the Shazam Worldwide Top 100 Popular Songs in February 2016, and by March 2016, had become the world's most Shazamed song.[8]

Alan Walker - Faded

Though most people interpreted it as a song about a lost love, I would say it is about self discovery. Walker is talking about having been someone different than who he is now, and the song being as nostalgic as it is, probably misses who he was. He is apparently looking for his lost self, hence the iconic line "Where are you now?"Walker, in the very first line "you were the shadow to my light," is talking about how who he was was always keeping him from being who he was meant to be;yet he keeps trying to him.In the chorus, the reference to Atlantis means Walker's other self was pretty much as mythical as the lost city, yet he keeps trying to find it.In the second verse says "these shallow waters were never what I neededI'm letting go, a deeper dive"Which means he is indeed starting to let go and accept that his older self was shallow, but not completely, for he starts calling out to his old self again in the pre-chourus.And finally"I'm fadedI'm fadedI'm fadedSo lostI'm faded"Means that Walker's older self has, indeed, faded and he has to find a way to get along as he is now.

Its about how people idealize someone they love then look back later and have difficulty reconciling how they felt then to now... its about recognizing that most of the time its how we look at things that determine how we feel about them. At the time of the relationship, the way the other person was,how they looked, all that made them attractive and how special the relationship was,was only in the perception of the person, inflated with their imagination and desire to feel love and give love. The relationship comes to an end, the person starts a new relationship and... has the realisation/doubt that maybe it was all in their head, but they still yearn for how they felt at that time and dont want to accept that it couldve all just been in their imagination/perception. They are addicted to the emotions they felt then. They hope that the other person also felt something special. They wonder how the other person looks back at the same relationship. Maybe they dont see it the same way and the act of looking back in such a way might be like hopefully believing in atlantis, a myth we enjoy entertaining and theres always some evidence that points to it but we still cant be sure, it requires imagination and fantasy. Its probably not true but we hope it is, cause that would be so cool. Faded doesnt mean that the relationship faded... but that the persons perception of who he/she loved has faded and with that the perception of the relationship has faded too...Thats why she says "im faded"... "where are you now". If you think about it, the relationships weve had dont fade, theyve happened n cant change, its us who change and with it our perceptions of past experiences change aswell.

I think the song is about a perfect relationship that makes the writer not to achieve much, which then disappears suddenly like a star..imagine 'light' and a 'shadow'...on the other hand,the writer is also worried/afraid that their aim..what they wanted to achieve despite the situation they are in now may be hard to the lyrics goes on, the writer is struck by the thought that maybe what they had was just an imagination..a fantasy..the writer kind of wants it back when he asks "where are you now?" but he knows that it will be another dead he is lost in the confusion(so lost)and he is unable to see things clearly (I'm faded) the second stanza, the writer expresses the insatiability of what they had(shallow Waters never meant what I needed) but he has made his mind to let it go(I'm letting) and he is taking a step towards finding himself(a deeper dive)..and it looks like he has succeeded, he has found himself in the place he has reached in his life now, which it is comfortable in a way( eternal silence of The sea.. I'm breathing, Alive)..he is finally breathing..alive.The part that says "Under the bright with faded lights you set my heart on fire"Expresses how the writer is hurt by the way they were under a perfect relationship(the bright) but with less advantages(but with faded lights) broke his heart ( set my heart on fire)...He then continues asking where are now? But this time with the impression that says.. where are you to see me now... see how I'm handling myself without you.. The writer compares how far/distant the love/lover is in the moment to Atlantis.. Under the sea and he is angered by the fact that he can't reach it....Anyway.. thank you guys so much for taking your time to read through this.. I hope that I helped shine some light in the complicated staff I have written up there.. reply with #tag d101 if you agree with me..

I feel it is a song that can be interpreted many ways. For myself, it reminds me of my late husband."You were the shadow to my light did u feel us?". We complimented each other well."Another star, fade away" He has passed away, so the "where are you now?" Makes me wonder where he is?... maybe Atlantis, under the sea. I also see the video. A lost wondering soul. We seperated. He was homeless, dressed like the person in the video and going to the same places. "I'm faded, so lost, I'm faded" is me. "The shallow water never met what I needed" me leaving him, while still in love with him. Part of the song sounds like it says "breathe". He overdosed and died. Stop breathing. Just a lot to it. Reminds me of losing someone. It was so good for so long, "was it just a dream, or my imagination"... was it real? I lost my soulmate.. Nov. 2019. They say breathing and alive a lot. The where are you now gets to me.. where is he???

The song is much about idealized love:"You were the shadow to my lightDid you feel usAnother startYou fade away"Means that the loved person was a perfect complement to him, means can be darkness to his light, the purpose here is also about sin and negativity cause that could mean that a good person can love, deeply love, a bad one and this happens often, cause love it's truly blind in reality, people should not be similar to love one each other."Afraid our aim is out of sightWanna see usAlive"The aim was too high, impossible : a dream, a fairy tale, here idealization takes place. Now the singer think they're both not alive, cause they aren't together anymore, and they lived just together, that's the meaning, then after not anymore, they faded and are just shadows."Was it all in my fantasyWhere are you nowWere you only imaginary...AtlantisUnder the sea"Start thinking it was just fantasy, unreal, a dream cause of the fading of emotions, very common when you lost someone forever and don't talk to that person anymore. A search for the impossible, or for something that never existed, cause it was just idealization of love, not reality."Another dreamThe monsters running wild inside of meI'm fadedI'm fadedSo lostI'm faded"Means he's now another person, that probably can't love anymore like that and have monsters, bad feelings, about the actual situation and the fact he's actually alone and faded, so a shadow of himself, based on the idealized love of above. Bad feelings, regrets, depression maybe and so on."These shallow waters, never metWhat I neededI'm letting goA deeper diveEternal silence of the seaI'm breathingAlive"Is an interesting part: he feels lonely and, probably, don't like superficial people or love, cause true love CAN'T BE superficial... Then the bad feelings realize or attempt to be realized: a deeper dive maybe means suicidal feelings in the 'eternal silence' of water: many people die this way for love, they drown. No matter if happens in the bathtube with drugs or in the sea, drowing is a typical suicidal situation where people refuse life."Under the brightBut faded lightsYou set my heart on fire"Probably the best part of the song: means that it was true love, under the sun means that nothing was done to hide that feelings and these feelings illuminated his life, for a while. The faded lights are about the two lovers at the beginning, that probably understood their reciprocal love in a condition of strong trust: people don't stay together alone under faded, say very dim, lights unless they trust one each other, especially girls avoid that. My idea about it is that happened outdoor, maybe in a street at evening or night, outside, in low light conditions. And there she set his heart on fire, no dubt, the first kiss I think. The lights appears now even more faded cause related to memories, as the general meaning of the song about fading away, living just of memories. 041b061a72


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