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Who Are We?

Ireland's Wildlife Rehabilitators Association was founded in 2021 by a group of established, licenced wildlife rehabilitators who believe that wildlife in Ireland should have the opportunity to be cared for by knowledgeable experts and supported by a strong network of people who maintain and uphold the highest level of care and standards, protocols and current best practice. 


With the increasing number of wildlife casualties in our community it is important to have an organisation that endorses and promotes the work of independent wildlife rehabilitators. The aim of IWRA is to unite wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary professionals across Ireland under an inclusive organisation and to bring together a network of specialists who work together with the common goal of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing injured, sick or orphaned wildlife. 

Our wildlife need help across the 26 counties and care needs to match this. For this reason we are a non-centralised body and our members can be found all over the country.  

Anyone looking for help with sick or injured wildlife can get in touch with our members in their local area safe in the knowledge that the animal will receive the best possible care. 

How you can help

You can help in several ways. You can raise awareness of the work we and our members do by sharing our social media posts. You can get in touch with your local wildlife rehabber and offer your help as a volunteer. You can donate to your local rehabber, be it food they require for the animals or funds to cover veterinary fees. Rehabilitators appreciate all the help you can give. 

Become a member


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You can also get in touch with us by emailing your query to

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