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About IWRA

IWRA is a voluntary group of well-established Wildlife Rehabilitators, set up to assist those looking for a supportive platform to advance their knowledge and skills as a rehabilitator and to give and receive advice in areas of their expertise. Licensed rehabilitators, fosterers, volunteers, vets and vet nurses are welcome to join us as a member and have access to all the educational information and support needed to be successful in this field. 

We provide members of the public contact details of established licensed rehabilitators in Ireland.

Membership of IWRA is open to NPWS licensed rehabilitators or qualified veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Members are required to have a license from National Parks & Wildlife Service. 

Why Was IWRA Established?

Up until now Wildlife Rehabilitators in Ireland have informally supported each other through sharing knowledge and offering practical help. Our Rehabbers need assistance through communication, education and financial backup to be able to run rehabilitation facilities to a high standard. The aim of IWRA is to create an inclusive support environment where Ireland’s Wildlife Rehabilitator community and veterinary professionals can achieve best practice in caring for wild patients always with a view to successful rehabilitation and release. 

Meet The Founders

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John Carrig is founder and director of The Barn Owl Project. John is a published wildlife photographer and has been involved in wildlife conservation and rescue for many years.


Bev Truss RVN ADipCABT(COAPE) is a registered  Veterinary Nurse with over 35yrs experience rescuing and caring for wildlife with specialist care and knowledge of hedgehogs. 
Irish Vet Nurse of the Year 2012. Companion Animal Behaviourist, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator 

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Susan Kerwin is a bat specialist and a Wildlife Rehabilitator caring for all native species of wildlife.  Susan is founder of Bat Rehabilitation Ireland.


Amy Walsh RVN, has eight years of veterinary nursing experience with domestic and wild patients. Amy has specialised knowledge of bats, she's a skilled Wildlife Rehabilitator with wide expertise of all Irish wildlife species.


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Julie Cronin is a founder and manager of Cork Wildlife Rescue, a registered charity (20205803). Julie has worked in wildlife rehabilitation centres in Canada, Sotland, South Africa and Ireland. Julie is a Wildlife Rehabilitator of native species.

Billy Gannon has worked in a variety of industries over the past 20 years. He is currently Head of Data Analytics at the Mater Private Hospital. Billy was introduced to wildlife rehabilitation through his wife Jo, who volunteered at the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit and the Dorset Wildlife Trust. 

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