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Al Qaeda Al Noorania Pdf Download REPACK

have you ever wondered how to count to ten in arabic? have you ever wondered how to say the number eleven? want to learn how to count to five in arabic? from the number eleven to the number fifteen, from the number twenty to the number thirty and more. al-qaida al-noorania is the first book for kids and elders to understand how to read holy quran correctly. it contains various lessons from arabic alphabet to tajiyeh. the al-qaida al-noorania teaches students via passages from the quran. it begins with the arabic alphabets. it then shows how the alphabets are connected, before moving onto other lessons.informative and easy to understand, al-qaida al-noorania teaches students via passages from the quran.the al-qaida al-nooraniya is a book for beginners to learn quranic arabic. it is used to teach children how to read the quran. this book was compiled by his eminence sheikh noor muhammad haqqani. this book is very beneficial for learning the correct pronounciation of the arabic alphabets. the al qaida al nooraniya teaches students via passages from the quran.features of this app are:-- finger swipe option to change pages.- sharing option to share your favourite pages on all social media websites.- easy download option to save page in your gallery.- this app you can also use offline.- if don't want ads then use this app after turning off your wifi or data packages.

al qaeda al noorania pdf download


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