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Boris Zimin

[PC Game] One Piece World Seeker €? The Unfinished Map (CODEX)

This is what DBZ Kakarot will get. A whole empty world (like World Seeker) with every the same quests and a unbalanced fightsystem like in XenoVerse. Bandai Namco still making games 1994 games in year 2020. They retelling the DBZ story in XenoVerse 1+2 and now in Kakarot like its the new shit.

[PC Game] One Piece World Seeker – The Unfinished Map (CODEX)


Swang, you have raised a highly interesting and partially unresolved question. There are indeed some well respected historians, including A. J. P. Taylor from my own country, who have put forward persuasive reasons why the incident at the Marco Polo Bridge in July 1937 might be taken as the beginning of the Second World War, rather than the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. Perhaps it would be best to see the whole process as one of a series of separate incidents merging, piece by piece, into a greater whole, which has nothing at all to do with any supposed superiority of European over Asian events. Think of the huge differences between the outbreak of the First and the Second Worlds Wars. If we set aside the ongoing crisis of the Ottoman Empire, and the two Balkan wars that emerged from this, the division in 1914 between peace and war, light and dark, could not be clearer: in a matter of weeks over the late summer the world had gone from one state of being to another, reflected most acutely in the many memoirs we have from this time. Now look at the situation leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War. Could anything, it has to be asked, be less clear? From the mid-1930's the world was beset by one political crisis after another. Aside from Japanese aggression against China, Italy invaded and conquered Ethiopia, Spain descended into a Civil War, where issues were fought out that far transcended a purely Iberian significance, Germany was expanding its borders in Europe by brutal diplomacy; and even Russia was involved in a brief but bloody and unofficial war with Japan. So why should 1939 be taken as the significant date, and not 1935, 1936 or 1937? For the simple reason that it was at this point that the individual crises, from a European perspective at least, ceased to be self-contained, or to bear any semblance of self-containment, in contrast to the Sino-Japanese War, which, to a significant extent, remained within its own political and strategic orbit, even so far as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. Clio the Muse 09:12, 24 January 2007 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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