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Review: Andai Itu Takdirnya 2 By Siti Rosmizah [HOT]

Review: Andai Itu Takdirnya 2 by Siti Rosmizah

Andai Itu Takdirnya 2 is the sequel to the bestselling novel Andai Itu Takdirnya by Siti Rosmizah, a Malaysian novelist and lawyer. The novel continues the story of Aleya and Syed Aizril, a married couple who face various challenges and obstacles in their relationship. The novel explores themes such as love, betrayal, forgiveness, family, and fate.

Review: Andai Itu Takdirnya 2 by Siti Rosmizah

The novel begins with Aleya and Syed Aizril living happily with their children after eight years of marriage. However, their happiness is short-lived as they encounter new enemies and old foes who are determined to ruin their marriage. Syed Aizril's mother, Datin Sharifah Rosnah, is still bitter and vengeful over the death of her daughter, who was killed by Aleya's ex-husband, Faizal. Faizal, who is in prison, also harbors hatred and resentment towards Aleya and Syed Aizril, and vows to make them suffer. Meanwhile, Sharifah Azreen, a young and beautiful woman, enters Syed Aizril's life with the intention of seducing him and taking him away from Aleya.

Aleya's life turns upside down when Syed Aizril falls for Sharifah Azreen's charms and starts to neglect and mistreat his wife. He accuses Aleya of being a bad wife and mother, and eventually kicks her out of the house along with their children. Aleya is left homeless and penniless, while Syed Aizril moves on with Sharifah Azreen. Aleya struggles to survive and provide for her children, while facing humiliation and abuse from Syed Aizril and his family. She also suffers from a terminal illness that threatens her life.

However, Aleya does not give up hope and faith in God. She believes that everything that happens to her is part of God's plan for her. She tries to be patient and forgiving towards Syed Aizril, despite his cruelty and betrayal. She also finds support and comfort from her friends and relatives, especially from Dr. Daniel, a kind-hearted doctor who treats her illness and falls in love with her.

Syed Aizril, on the other hand, realizes his mistake too late. He discovers that Sharifah Azreen is not the woman he thought she was, and that she has been lying and manipulating him all along. He also learns that his mother and Faizal have been plotting against him and Aleya behind his back. He regrets hurting and losing Aleya, and tries to win her back. However, he faces resistance from Aleya, who has lost trust and love for him. He also faces competition from Dr. Daniel, who proposes to marry Aleya.

Will Aleya forgive Syed Aizril and give him another chance? Will Syed Aizril be able to save his marriage and family? Will Aleya survive her illness and find happiness? Will Sharifah Azreen, Datin Sharifah Rosnah, and Faizal succeed in their evil schemes? These are some of the questions that the novel answers in its gripping and emotional plot.

Andai Itu Takdirnya 2 is a novel that will make you cry, laugh, angry, and hopeful at the same time. It is a novel that will touch your heart and soul with its powerful message of love, faith, and destiny. It is a novel that will inspire you to appreciate what you have in life, and to never give up on your dreams.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download it in pdf format from various online sources[^1^] [^2^] [^3^]. However, we recommend that you buy the original book from Buku Prima or other bookstores to support the author. 04f6b60f66


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