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It's been four years since Toontrack released their original dfh Superior drum ROMpler. Since then, other similar instruments have appeared (BFD2, Addictive Drums and Strike, for example), and Toontrack have even released their own affordable, more intuitive alternative: EZdrummer. However, there have been no major changes to the original plug-in, and it's fair to say that it definitely lost its edge somewhat. So maybe it's appropriate that Superior Drummer 2.0 not only marks the first phase of Toontrack's New York Studio Legacy Series library, but also the release of a completely overhauled program.

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S2.0 ships with the first volume of Toontrack's New York Studio Legacy Series library, which was recorded at NY's Avatar Studios (formerly The Power Station) by Pat Thrall, Neil Dorfsman and drummer Nir Z. It's a 60GB library, reduced to 20GB on disk using lossless data compression. There are also three slimmed down installs available, 4GB being the smallest.

S2.0 is fully compatible with previous Toontrack libraries, including dfh Superior and EZdrummer, although you can't mix and match kits freely. You can, however, add X-Drums to combine elements of different libraries.

In addition to being used from programming realistic percussion tracks, drum ROMplers are also employed as instruments to be triggered live by drummers playing electronic drum kits. Although designed primarily as a plug-in, S2.0 includes a standalone host app called Toontrack solo, and this is your best bet when using an electronic kit. Select the E-drum preset from the MIDI/controller list and you'll get mapping suited to most mainstream digital drum hardware. If you have electronic hi-hats, you can even fine-tune the response with the CC offset option.

The Grooves tab has been enhanced for Super Drummer 3. It keeps all the features from EZdrummer 2 and improves the workflow by allowing multiple song tracks to audition several different grooves at once; combining the browser and search function in the same window; introducing a tempo and time signature editor within the song tracker; and also establishes the grid editor which works like a MIDI editor and allows you to move rhythms, quantize, adjust velocities, and edit CC data.

The drum samples were performed by professional drummer Derico Watson and produced by Grammy-winning producer, Kenny Barto. The library contains 5.26GB of content featuring 60 sound presets, 90 grooves with 10 variations each, with 58 acoustic samples and 80 electronic layering sounds.

BFD 3 contains seven new kits, a streamlined user interface, a faster audio engine, mix-ready presets, an improved groove engine, a rudiment tool, and tons of grooves played by famous drummers Steve Ferrone, Brooks Wackerman, Bobby Jarzombek, Peter Erskine & Stanton Moore. 041b061a72


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