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Saltwater 720p


Saltwater 720p

The Berkley Juke is highly versatile. It can be cranked, twitched, and trolled with lifelike movement, enticing strikes from a variety of fish. Its coffin-shaped bill allows maximum darting action and side flash with limited rod movement. Features such as the flat baitfish profile and additional rattles create maximum attraction, making the Berkley Juke a unique and effective saltwater lure.

The Axis series utilizes the latest in material and design. Built with composite blends of S-glass, T-16 carbon fiber and graphite materials, while incorporating a multi-helix construction design, the Axis series is perfect for any saltwater environment.Dynamic in performance, quality, and sensitivity, but with the backbone structure to allow you to fish with total confidence. Keeping with our thin diameter and lightweight material, we feel the new Axis rod series is what anglers and enthusiast have come to expect from Phenix Rods!

No need to constantly monitor or calibrate. The Felix Smart monitors and probes keep track of your water quality 24/7. Simply calibrate your probes once or change your slides every month to receive the most accurate readings. Perfect for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

This 9.5" Flex Arm with Foam Grip features a standard YS connector on the top for light connection and a C-1 type connector on the base for mounting onto a tray. It is compatible with the UXDS-1 Digital Underwater Strobe Head and ULTRAPOWER-II 6W LED Wide-Angle Video Dive Light. It allows you to mount your strobe above and to the side of the camera's lens to reduce or eliminate glare and the backscatter effect. The versatile arm is articulated for easy positioning of the strobe head or LED light, and the neoprene foam cover provides a comfortable grip. The flex arm can easily be installed on UXST-1 Strobe Tray.The arm's knuckles/joints are precision-formed out of acetal copolymer, allowing for stiffness coupled with maximum flexibility. The base is made of anodized, marine-grade aluminum and has a thumb screw connection for easy, secure mounting on the strobe tray. The foam grip can be easily removed for thorough rinsing after saltwater dives. 1e1e36bf2d


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